Positive Passwords Can Improve Your Mood
Science is great! Even the happiest person can feel down in the dumps some days. So how do you get that little bit of a pick me up or mood booster when you are feeling low? Science says that positive passwords can improve your mood.
The 10 Worst Things to Use For Your Passwords
Passwords can be tricky. You need to have a password for everything and you need to remember your passwords so choosing one can be difficult.

Google just released the results of a study on the most hackable passwords.  Here's their list of the 10 worst things to use for a password:
How Often Do You Change Your Password?
How often do you change your password? Honestly, I don't change mine nearly enough and I've paid for it. I've had my several of my accounts compromised before I learned my lesson.
But the lesson a former writer for the technology site learned yesterday was much more severe,…