Are You Going To Your Company Christmas Party?
It's Christmas time which's time for COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTIES! I have always enjoyed going to company Christmas parties. I've seen some amazing things at Christmas parties and I've laughed so hard I couldn't breath. All in all I would say that Christmas parties a…
Birthday Parties [POLL]
I tend to love Birthdays and back in the day, I would celebrate my Birthday with a Birthday week. The older I get the more I think Birthdays should be bypassed completely.
Body Wraps [POLL]
Last night I went to my first Wrap Party. At home parties seem to range in all different types of products so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was kind of expecting to eat veggie wraps. To my surprise there were no veggie wraps just bottled water and body wraps.
The Ten People Who Were at Every Super Bowl Party
If you watched the game with a big group of friends yesterday, then you probably hung out with at least SOME of the people on this list. According to, there are ten kinds of people at every Super Bowl party.
#1.)  The Person Who's Way Too Excited About the Halftime Show.  It's just cho…
The Seven Things You Need for a Great Super Bowl Party
If you're hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, make sure you've got everything you need before the game starts.  No one wants to run out at halftime and miss Madonna lip-synching. According to this is waht you will need to have a good Super Bowl Part…
Do Women Go Overboard When Throwing Parties For Their Kids? [POLL]
Last night we went to a 5 year-old's Birthday party. You wouldn't think that a Birthday party would be that much fun but we had a great time. The party was done with a Monster included: homemade monsters for each child, homemade grab bags, monster cup cakes, eye ball balloons an…
People Spend About $280 on Their Halloween Parties
Even in a bad economy, people are not willing to cancel their Halloween parties with sweet decorations and tons of food.
According to a new survey from PR Newswire, the average person throwing a Halloween party will spend at least $280.

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