[VIDEO] Fun With the Prez – Minnesota 2014
It's the next video in our Fun With the Prez series... President Obama's Q&A with the audience from Minnesota, a.k.a. The Group of Death.
Our first video (State of the Union 2014 splice-up) is located here.
Our second (Austin 2014 splice-up) is here.
[VIDEO] Fun With the Prez – State of the Union 2014
The 2014 State of the Union address covered a variety of topics, from bus-borne illnesses, to Congress taking flight, to Michelle giving Somalia the finger.
President Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union speech surprised everyone.
Did Obama Really Stop Smoking?
Obama has been criticized for smoking because his wife promotes living a healthy lifestyle. Apparently, the President has announced that he hasn't smoked in years thanks to his fear of the first lady, Michelle Obama.
Obama made the announcement in causal conversation when he was caught chatting off-g…
TCM Interactive reports that Barack Obama won Ohio and six other swing states to surpass 270 electoral votes and secure another term as president.
As of 3 a.m.: Obama racked up 303 electoral votes to Romney’s 206, according to the CNN. Florida remained too close to call early on Wedne…

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