New Year

Do You Hate January?
I realize the first of the year is suppose to be a fresh start. A time to set new goals and accomplish great things! BUT...I secretly hate January.
Free Taxi Rides in Twin Falls
Often times New Years involves a few glasses of champagne or other adult beverages. If you decide to celebrate with an alcoholic beverage please designate a driver. According to KMVT, many taxi services in Twin Falls are offering free rides or discounted rides for New Years:
What Are Your New Year’s Traditions?
Most Americans celebrate New Years by embracing friends and family, staying up until midnight and watching the ball drop in Time Square. Some families have made their own traditions by going skiing on New Years Day or traveling to see family. Does your family have a New Years tradition?
5 Facts About New Years
When I was younger I loved New Years. It was a reason to see my friends and stay up until 1:00AM. Now I dread New Years because it forces me to stay up until 12:01AM.
However, I do love that the New Year brings a fresh start for everyone and a chance to reflect on the past year. Here are 5 things you…
Netflix Will Let Your Kids Celebrate New Year’s Early
I have 4 young children and one of the hardest parts of New Year's Eve is that as you get closer to midnight the kids get closer to becoming demons.
You see they know something exciting is happening at midnight so they want to stay up. The problem is that sleep deprived children are horrible. Th…

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