Mountain Lions Are the Reason I Don’t Hike in Idaho
Let me start by saying yes, I'm exaggerating with that title; I wouldn't be hiking regardless of the mountain lions. In case you need a reason to stay inside this weekend, here's an "Oh Crap" moment you have to see to believe.
I just hope this gentleman wore his brown…
Why Do Hawks Swoop at People?
Hawks look beautiful, and are fun to watch as long. Unless, you are in their space.
If you have ever been on a walk, run or bike ride on a Magic Valley country road, and seen a hawk, you may think they are fun to watch until you get in their space.
Go-Pro Camera Captures a Birds-Eye View of a Pelican Learning To Fly
This is another reason why I love technology so much.  How often to we get to witness, first-hand, a pelican learning to fly.  A crew in  Mahale in Tanzania rescued a pelican who was abandoned by its parents following a storm.
The attached a  GoPro camera to its beak and docu…