Remember These Songs We Hated to Love?
Do you remember that song you would listen to when nobody else was around? You know the one?  If your friends heard you listening to it, you'd never hear the end of it; or if you're a guy, might even get a serious whoopin'.
How About A Jimi Hendrix Movie…Without Any Of His Music?
I think the producers of this movie had a great idea and the trailer looks great. The one problem they have is that they didn't get the rights to any of his songs. So what you see is a movie about the life of Jimi Hendrix without any of what made his life so awesome - his music!
Confession Time: Songs You Don’t Tell Your Friends You Listen To
Okay... I'm going to throw myself out there and admit something to you that I wouldn't tell many other people.  Sometimes... and I'm just saying sometimes, when I mow the grass... I listen to Pitbull.
It's upbeat, easy to listen to and satisfies my 'pop' itch for th…
Do You Listen To Music At Work?
Imagine your life without music. Now imagine your favorite movie without its soundtrack. Basically the same thing! You need music in your like to help the day pass by, make you feel happy, sad, and to distract you from boring things you have to do at work. Do you listen to music at work?
Songs We Sing Without Realizing They’re Naughty
So I'm driving down the road, belting out Garth Brooks "That Summer" and I stopped myself short when I really started to think about the lyrics.  I've been listening to that song for close to twenty years without really thinking about the actual meaning of the song..…
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Are Moving Back to Nashville
Garth Brooks may be getting to close to touring again! His youngest daughter is heading off to college, so he and Trisha Yearwood are moving from Oklahoma to Nashville.  Trisha says, quote, "It's time for us to do the next thing and we're excited.  There's an energy about Nashville that I love …

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