Win Free Gas, Free Movies, or Both
We have a lot of new contests coming as we head into 2012.  Here are just two of the contests you could win right now in our EZ VIP Club.
Free Gas:  Enter to win a $50 gas card.
Free Movies:  Enter to win $50 in Cinema Cash at Twin or Jerome Cinema...
New”Star Wars” Feature Called…Ask Vader
I am so excited. OK, I'm not...but a lot of people are because the three original "Star Wars" movies are coming out in a Blu-ray box set next month. They come with three beloved and cherished prequels.  And in honor of the release, the official "Star Wars" website has put up a ra…
New Movie Releases: ‘Zookeeper,’ ‘Horrible Bosses’ [VIDEO]
Kevin James is seeking big laughs in his latest summer comedy, 'Zookeeper,' in which he plays, well, a zookeeper whose animals reveal they can talk when he decides he wants to leave to find a more glamorous job.
Though it's sure to be a hit with families this weekend, adults may opt for the R-rated '…
New Movie Releases: ‘Super 8′
Aliens are creeping back into theaters this week with the release of J.J. Abrams' hotly anticipated 'Super 8,' about a group of kids who captures a mysterious train crash on their video cameras in 1979.
Will this be summer's next big hit? Or are audiences cool on alien-invasion movies?
Check out the t…
New Movie Releases: ‘X-Men: First Class’ [VIDEOS]
In an already jam-packed summer movie season, director Matthew Vaughn hopes to impress audiences with his latest movie, 'X-Men: First Class,' a reboot of the Marvel movie series that takes fans back to the beginning (or in this case, the Cold War-era '60s).
Already, the film has impressed critics; it…
8 Great Summer Vacation Movies [VIDEO]
While summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, the Memorial Day holiday marks the unofficial beginning to the year’s hottest season.
Summer loses some of its meaning when you’re an adult, since it no longer comes with a multi-month break from the grind that is your regular life.
Nevertheless, we…

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