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Will You Watch 50 Shades of Grey?
In a past KEZJ poll, listeners reported that 50 Shades of Grey wasn't an inappropriate book series. This was a little surprising to me, but then again... I read the books.
Is The Viral Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise Video Staged?
So there's this viral video that promotes the remake of the movie Carrie.  Basically, the crew stages a scene in a coffee shop where a woman becomes annoyed with her server and uses her "mind powers" to send him flying up against a wall.  The patrons of the coffee sh…
“Battle: Los Angeles” Trailer
It seems alien invasions are the hot subject in Hollywood again. Several big budget films are headed to the local cineplex featuring not-so-cute and not-so-cuddly aliens destroying us. One of these, "Battle: Los Angeles" looks truly remarkable in the trailer...