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Who Do Mothers Love More Their Kids or Their Husband?
I really enjoy forcing people to rank how much they love different family members.  It's so uncomfortable and yet so fascinating.
A new Mother's Day survey from MarketWatch was brave enough to do that . . . they asked women who they love more, their kids or their husband?  &qu…
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Country Music Fans
Don’t look now, but Mother’s Day 2012 is on Sunday. Sure, there are the typical gifts — flowers, a nice dinner, a sweet card — but aren’t those a little boring and overdone? This year, try personalizing a gift to hit Mom’s country music tastes. This list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day includes 10 th…
What’s the Biggest Surprise About Being a Mom? [POLL]
A survey by PR Newswire and a skincare company called Baby Magic found that 79% of new moms thought motherhood was more chaotic than they expected, and 51% said it was harder than they thought it would be.  Here are the most chaotic moments:
1.)  When the baby soaks everything by going to t…
Does Father’s Day Gets More Attention Than Mother’s Day?

For as long as I can remember my mom has always planned stuff for Father's Day...she always calls my siblings and I to make sure that we didn't forget about Father's Day.
I don't recall my dad ever saying much about Mother's Day. So in my mind a much bigger deal is made about Father's Day than Mothe…
A Mother’s Day Supercut of Memorable Movie Moms [VIDEO]
Mother’s Day is upon us this Sunday and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this Movie Moms Supercut from our friends at The Forward featuring some of the fiercest mothers in movie history, from Anjelica Huston's solid "Royal Tenenbaums" matriarch to Faye Dunaway's unsta…
The Worst Mother’s Day Gifts
There are a couple of surveys floating around that asked moms to name the WORST Mother's Day gifts they'd ever received.  So if you're planning on giving mom any of these on Sunday, you'd better get ready to hit the mall tomorrow.
Famous Moms With Their Children
Famous moms deserve just as much thanks as others. Here's a list of famous moms and their kiddos, from the First Lady to the Material Girl.
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