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What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?
July is National Ice Cream Month!  According to Baskin-Robbins and PR Newswire a whole bunch of people took personality tests, and matched up the results to people's favorite ice cream flavors.
1.  Vanilla.  People associate vanilla ice cream with boring people, but the study found the OPPOSITE.  If…
Waiting For Someone’s Parking Spot
If you grocery shop like I do, you shop the day after pay day. This seems like it would be a great plan until you get to the store and realize that everyone else had the same plan. You end up spending 20 minutes in the parking lot because you can't find find an empty spot or you can stalk someo…
Does Gay Marriage Bother You? [POLL]
Gay marriage is on everyone's mind today because the Supreme Court issued two rulings yesterday regarding gay marriage. The court first ruled the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, while a second ruling about Prop 8 essentially allows same-sex marriages to continue in California.
Geminis Are Most Likely to Wind Up Rich
If you struggle to pay some of your bills it could be because you were born in the wrong month.

 According to Daily Mail researchers examined the zodiac signs of the 1,000 richest people in England, including PAUL MCCARTNEY and basically no one else you've heard of.
Is There A Wrong Way To Eat Trail Mix? [POLL]
My family is extremely mad at me. You would think I had done something terribly wrong like lost the dog. All I am doing to make them mad is apparently, I eat Trail Mix the wrong way. I don't care fr the almonds so I throw them back in the bag. This makes my husband so mad that he will actually …
King Size verse Queen [POLL]
Couples fight over a lot of "little" things and the size of bed to buy seems to be one of them. And now researchers are getting involved, apparently if you have a king size bed intimacy decreases and over time you drift apparently, literally.
Is Dessert Better in the Morning or in the Evening? [POLL]
My sweet husband did a lot of the cooking this weekend and yesterday I woke up to my three boys (husband included) eating cheesecake for breakfast. As most mother's would I asked, "Cheesecake for breakfast, really?" All together...they looked at me and replied, "Ya mo…
Brad and Jackie Are Taking A Journey
The journey is probably not what you are thinking. We are not going to Hawaii to do a live broadcast. Bummer, huh? Brad gets no choice in the journey we are about to take, it's probably not going to be pleasant. We are going on a cleansing journey.

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