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What Do People in Idaho Dream About?
Have you ever wondered what everyone else is dreaming about? According Estately there's a website called DreamsCloud where people submit their dreams for interpretation. This information was used to see what people in each state dream about the most. The results are very interesting.

ALABAMA:  high …
Three Tricks to Give Yourself More Willpower
If you're like me, you wish you had more willpower and self-control... like when you're eating your sixth donut and binge watching Netflix. So here are three easy tricks from Fast Company to give you and I more willpower.
Do Clothes Really Need to Match? [Poll]
I am the last person on the planet that knows anything about fashion, but I notice trends. Have matching clothes gone the way of bell bottoms, parachute pants, and dinosaurs?
Top 5 Things Guys Shouldn’t Say To Women
We all say things that are taken the wrong way. But there are a few things that men desperately need to stop saying to women. 'She Knows' came up with a list of things men need to stop saying to women... and may save a man's life.
What Annoys You Most on Facebook?
Are you tired of Facebook, or just annoyed by certain Facebook trends? Trends like: Throwback Thursday, games, Flipagram, your feed not updating, people sharing too much information etc.

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