Women Spend Over $300 on Vacation Before They Go on Vacation
This might prove that women are a little crazy or we are just really good at planning ahead. My husband never understands why I need to go shopping before we go on vacation and while we are on vacation. According to a new survey from Daily Mail, the average woman spends about $380 on new clothes to …
Why Do Love Yard Sales?
If you haven't shopped at a yard sale before, you are missing out! As a throw away society I love to see people buying used items. It is true that one man's junk is another mans treasure. That being said what is your favorite part of yard sales?
Do Men Or Women Have Better Negotiating Skills? [POLL]
I like it that my husband wants to go with me when we make big purchases unless he tells me that he is going with me so I don't get ripped off. I will admit that if we are shopping for a car I will get ripped off every time but if we are shopping for anything else my husband never even tries to…
Tip Money [POLL]
Sometimes tips are included on your ticket when you dine out and sometimes it isn't. I don't always look at the entire ticket when I pay at a restaurant. I look at the total and pay the bill. A few night s ago my family and I went to dinner. I paid the bill and they left the tip. When I go…
Geminis Are Most Likely to Wind Up Rich
If you struggle to pay some of your bills it could be because you were born in the wrong month.

 According to Daily Mail researchers examined the zodiac signs of the 1,000 richest people in England, including PAUL MCCARTNEY and basically no one else you've heard of.
Do You Know How Much You Spend on Snacks?
If you work an 8 hour shift it is not unusual to stop by the gas station for a soda and snack or go out to lunch with com-workers during the day. Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you are spending just in food and snacks during the work week?
Saving Money on Groceries
We all know the golden rules of grocery shopping...don't go hungry and don't take a hungry husband. Apparently there is one BIG rule that we are all missing.
Does Your Spouse Break This Rule?
Spending money during the holidays is something all couples discuss. The discussion often ends up resulting in not buying gifts for each other and spending the "holiday budget" on the kids. This always sounds like a good idea, until SOME BREAKS THE RULE.
After you discuss it who bre…
What is Your 2013 New Years Resolution? [POLL]
2012 is basically DONE, so it's time to focus on 2013.  I try not to make any New Years Resolution until the 30th of December, but I would be liei8ng if I said I hadn't started to think about what I need to accomplish in 2013. Here are people's financial resolutions and plans for…
What Christmas Gift Cards Do You Want? McDonalds?
I love gift cards. It's no secret that certain gift cards are better than others. PR Newswire gathered some information from a gift-card exchange site called People were asked what cards they wanted most as holiday gifts.  And according to their survey, McDonald's came in THIRD. …

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