Your Chances of Getting Audited Are the Lowest in 25 Years
Your odds of getting audited this year are the lowest they've been in at least 25 years. The IRS has had some serious budget cuts, so they'll have fewer agents auditing returns this year than any year since the '80s.
And since they have fewer agents, they'll have to focus on going…
Tax Deductions You’re Probably Overlooking
A recent report states that many of us actually aren't taking all of the deductions we're entitled to.  We usually miss out on itemized deductions because we either don't know about them or we get freaked out, thinking that if we take too many, we're looking for IRS trouble.  Well the experts are sa…
How Much Could The Government Save By Switching Fonts
It seems that politicians are always talking about budgets. We either have too much money (yeah right) or we don't have enough and we need to make cuts somewhere. How about this - how much could the government save by switching fonts on their printed papers?
Free Business Marketing Workshops Coming To Twin Falls [Audio]
If you own a business and want to learn how to really market yourself, your products and your brand, I highly recommend attending one of these free workshops that are coming to Twin Falls March 25 - 27, 2014.
It doesn't matter if you're new to marketing or if you're a marketing pro, I …
Do You Have Unclaimed Property in Idaho?
According to “unclaimed property” usually doesn’t refer to land or a house. Rather, it’s money — checking accounts, savings accounts, stock dividends, mutual funds and utility refunds — or items stored in a safet…
A Furniture Store Offered $7 Million in Refunds if the Broncos Lost

I like a good, friendly sports bet among friends, but I never bet money...for GOOD reason! Last month, a store in Houston called Gallery Furniture lost $685,000 on a promotion where customers could win FREE FURNITURE if they correctly guessed the winners of the AFC and NFC championship games.
After t…
Four of the Riskiest Places To Use Your Debit Card
If you're like me, you hardly ever carry cash and you use your debit card for everything.
According to this report from ABC news, you're probably setting yourself up to get cleaned out..  Here are the four riskiest places to use a debit card and they're so common, it's scary.…
Just How Much Allowance Should Your Kids Get?
According to a new study, 60% of parents give their kids an allowance.
But how much should you give?  The average person says $4 a week for kids between four and nine  and $9 a week for kids between 10 and 13 .
And around  $16 for kids 14 to 17...

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