How Much Do We Spend on Memorial Day Weekend?
Memorial Weekend is a weekend that we all look forward to. Most people have 3 days off work. We plan to pay our respects and spend some quality time with the people that we love. But, how much does Memorial cost you?
A new survey from PR Web found that the average person will spend a total of $225 Me…
The Six Ways People Will Use Their Tax Refund
It's tax day, which means a lot of you are written or have already written massive checks to the government. For those of you that didn't have to pay, you may have already spent your tax refund.
What Are You Doing With Your Tax Return [POLL]
Taxes are due in just a few weeks and for most people that should be exciting. Most people you talk to will say that they did their taxes and got some money back. But they don't always seem excited about it. Why?!
How Much Money Does The Tooth Fairy Give For A Tooth?
I remember when I was a kid and the tooth fairy would sneak into my room at night and take my tooth and leave a nickel. Those days are gone! A new national study asked 'how how much does the tooth fairy give for a tooth' and the number is massive!
What’s the First Thing You Give Up When Money Gets Tight?
We all have budgets that get tight from time to time. My families budget usually gets really tight around Christmas or after a vacation. There are certain things that we refuse to give up like our high speed internet and Netflix but when budgets get tight somethings HAVE to go.
Genius Way To Save Money On Your Next Vacation
This is brilliant. This is genius. This is also crazy and maybe a great way to save money! A guy in New York created a website called for a genius way to save money on your next vacation. The idea is that you book a cheap flight to a small city that has a connection in a major ci…

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