Four Apps That a Mom Can’t Live Without
I believe that moms are busier than they have ever been. To make life a little easier we are using technology to our advantage and I have to admit my apps help me get through my busiest mom days.
Here are the most common used Apps:

Living Social - Perfect for finding sweet deals for date nig…
Children’s First Christmas Program
I am so excited tonight is my son's first Christmas program. I was sharing my excitement with Brad Weiser this morning and he gave me some advice. He
asked if I was bringing my video camera. I thought to myself, what kind of question is that...
The Biggest Distraction Behind the Wheel is Children
We have all been driving down the road opening a chocolate milk, loading a DVD player and unwrapping a hamburger for our children in the back seat. Even though I have done this million times in my car I still think that texting while driving is more distracting.
Are Working Mothers More Stressed Out Than Stay at Home Moms?
We know that being a working mother is stressful.  That's a scientific fact.  Juggling a career and a family is one of the hardest things anyone will EVER do.
But if you find yourself dreaming of leaving your job to give yourself the relief of just focusing on the family . . . bad news…
Three PTA Moms Made 14 Million Dollars
I think we have all bought an entire pan of brownies in hopes of helping the PTA. It seems like every week there's another candy sale, or bake sale . . . or illegal Ponzi scheme?
According to three PTA moms have been arrested for running a Ponzi scheme that earned more than 14 million…
A Mother Is Suing Chuck E. Cheese’s

My son loves to go to Chuck E. Cheese's and I have never thought it was like a little kid's VEGAS, but Denise Keller does. She just filed a lawsuit against Chuck E. Cheese's because she says all they're doing is running an ILLEGAL GAMBLING operation targeted at kids.
Capitol Weekly reports that Deni…
Three Things Your Mom Wants For Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is less than two weeks away.  And for the lifetime of sacrifices she's made for you . . . you could at least drop a few bucks on something she actually wants.
According to a new survey of moms by and PR Newswire, here are the top three gifts that mothers want . . .
The Reason People Hold Grudges
The phrase "mommy didn't love me enough" has been keeping the therapy business alive since day one.  And guess what?  We just found out about a NEW way your mom screwed you up!
Mom Forces Son To Wear Sign Detailing His Bad Grades [VIDEO]
15-year-old James Mond is being forced by his mother to stand on various Tampa, Florida street corners with a sign that details his poor GPA and bad score on an achievement test.
The sign encourages motorists to "Honk if I need an education."
Rhoda Holder says James will have to perform this…