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10 Tips To Be a More Courteous Cell Phone User
Welcome to Phone Etiquette 101.
What is etiquette, anyway? It's basically a set of rules we all agree to follow in order to be considerate toward others. We follow them as our contribution to the kind of society we want to live in.
Have You Ever Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet? [Poll]
Our Production Manager Peter just dropped his phone in the toilet. After. Yeah... gross.
Last year my step-son, in his infinite wisdom, was playing a game on his iPod touch while using the restroom and he too deposited his expensive device into the drink.
Is this a common thing? Actually, yes it is.
10 Tips To Be A More Courteous Cell Phone User
I honestly believe the smart phone is one of mankind's most amazing achievements. For many of us, our smart phone has become an "Exo-brain"--external mind--that keeps track of our schedules, finances, social interaction, business, and just about every other facet of our lives. But with the…