A $139 Million House Just Went on the Market
Sometimes I complain that I can't find my husband in our house. I can't imagine trying to find him in a 60,000 square foot house!
A 60,000 square foot house just hit the market. It's the most expensive house that's EVER been listed in the U.S.  So, if you've got $139 MIL…
Three PTA Moms Made 14 Million Dollars
I think we have all bought an entire pan of brownies in hopes of helping the PTA. It seems like every week there's another candy sale, or bake sale . . . or illegal Ponzi scheme?
According to three PTA moms have been arrested for running a Ponzi scheme that earned more than 14 million…
What Will Bill Gates Be Leaving His Kids?
Imagine for a moment that you are Bill Gates child. How wonderful, right? How much do you think he would leave you after you he passes?
We've all heard in the past that Bill Gates is planning on giving almost all of his fortune to charity . . . and that he isn't planning on leaving all that much to h…
One Co-worker Missed Out On a $319 MILLION Jackpot Win
Last Friday, a team of seven IT workers from the New York state Homes and Community Renewal Agency in Albany, New York bought their weekly Mega Millions lottery tickets . . . AND WON.
They overcame one-in-176 million odds to win a $319 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot.
And obviously, that's great ne…
Mega Million winners sold in Idaho, Washington
The holders of two winning tickets sold in Idaho and Washington will be sharing Mega Million's $355 million jackpot from Tuesday night's drawing, lottery officials said Wednesday.
The two winners will each get $177.5 million.
The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47, with 42 being the Me…