Men Shaving Their Legs
I know some women who choose not to shave their legs but I didn't know that a lot of men are started to shave their legs. A survey in magazine, which clearly serves a very hardcore niche.  But still . . . come on.
Who Takes Longer to Get Ready, Men or Women?
My husband is always gripping about how long it takes me to get ready to go anywhere but I swear I am always waiting in the car for him. I finally found an article to put this big debate to rest.
There’s Been a Huge Jump in Men Over 55 Getting Plastic Surgery
Sometimes I dream about what surgery I would have done if I could afford plastic surgery...I think most girls dream about this and apparently so do guys.
A study from EIN News found there's been a huge jump in the number of men over 55 getting plastic surgery, and the overwhelming majority of t…
Researchers May Have Accidentally Discovered a Cure For Baldness
Some of the best discoveries and inventions were accidents:  Penicillin . . . Fireworks . . . Post-It Notes.  And if this latest accident is true, it could jump right on that list.
Scientists at UCLA were trying to cure chronic stress by injecting a special type of hormone in mice.  An…
Men Feel Old At 58, Women Feel Old At . . . 29
People always tend to make a big deal over turning 30, but really, it's not that bad.  And it certainly doesn't mean that your life is over.
As long as you're a man, that is.  If you're a woman, then, yeah, you're done.
 According to a new study, the average man…
Women Have No Faith In Their Husband’s Home Repair Abilities
No offense, but your wife has no faith in your ability to make even the most basic home repairs.  That doesn't make you less of a man though.  We promise.
 According to a new survey, 61% of women, or three out of five, say they have NO FAITH in their husband's do-it-yourself …

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