Who’s Better At Parking, Men or Women? [POLL]
My husband and I seem to bicker about lots of small things while in the car together. We seem to argue about everything from snacks, the heater, music and one of the biggest things is where to park. Men are actually right about one thing. THEY REMEMBER WHERE TO PARK BETTER THAN WOMEN.
Women Say Men Start Losing Their Looks at Age 30
The stereotype says men LOVE young women and think women start losing their looks as soon as they pass, like, age 20.  But women aren't quite as superficial . . . they see older men as more distinguished and handsome.
Do Men Like Doing Housework? [POLL]
Some men claim that they do all the household cleaning. A survey by Business Standard researchers at Cambridge University found that the key to a happy relationship . . . is MEN doing more HOUSEWORK.
Men Cry More Over Sports Than the Birth of Their First Child
According to a new survey Newstrack India, the average male sports fan says he cried more tears of joy over his team winning a championship than he did over the birth of his first child.  And 10% say that seeing their team win a championship is a more important day in their life than their wedd…
58% of Women Admit Their Husbands Are Better Cooks Than Them
A survey by a cooking website called found that 58% of women admit their husbands are better cooks than they are, and 52% say he does most of the cooking.  The average woman can only cook six meals from memory, one in nine can't cook three without a recipe book, and one …
What Are Men Really Afraid Of?
Men are famous for having a fear of commitment.  It's supposedly ruined millions of relationships.  But here's the problem . . . it's a myth.
Women are More Likely to Have Tattoos Than Men?
Tattoos are fully mainstream now . . . according to the most recent study, 21% of Americans have at least one.  A new survey found more stats, all of which back up the idea that tattoos aren't for 300-pound bikers and rock gods anymore . . .
Women are more likely than men to have a tattoo.&…

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