Forgetting To Tell Your Spouse “The Plan”
My husband and I have several rules in our marriage and one of them is if I make plans for us I have to tell him about the plans 5 days in advance and 2 days before. This rule usually works for us unless I forget to tell him one of the two times. I was given some friendly advice about our rule.
King Size verse Queen [POLL]
Couples fight over a lot of "little" things and the size of bed to buy seems to be one of them. And now researchers are getting involved, apparently if you have a king size bed intimacy decreases and over time you drift apparently, literally.
Hiding Shopping Bags From Your Spouse [POLL]
OK ladies I am looking for some raw honesty here. I like to think that my husband and I have a very honest relationship, unless it comes to how much I paid for something. While I feel bad about hiding shopping bags, receipts and tags from my husband I really hate explaining why I paid what I paid fo…
Homemade Sushi For Dinner
Women are always trying to come up with new recipes that their husband will enjoy. We all have those few meals that we can make for our husbands that will make them really tackle their "honey do" lists. So, me being the loving wife I am, decided to make sushi for my husband because…
10 Bad Habits That Spouses Hate
We all do things that annoy our spouses, but somethings are more annoying than others. According to a survey in Female First by a British website called, these are the 10 bad habits that women hate most in their boyfriends or husbands:
I Just Cleaned the Toilet So You Can’t Use It
Read the title.  Now, read it again.  Does it make any sense to you?  I've heard this come up in conversation before; not just at my own house but in others.  No sooner is the toilet clean, when the announcement is made that the potty is now off limits.
16 Ways To Improve Your Marriage From a Two-Time Failure
Keeping a good marriage together is hard work. It's not something you can "set and forget," it must be maintained on a daily basis to ensure that it's healthy. It's a lot of hard work.
I can attest to this: I'm on my second marriage. I made a conscious effort not to repeat my previous mista…
Would You Date Danny DeVito? [POLL]
After 30 years of marriage... and more than 40 years as a couple... 5-foot comedic superstar DANNY DEVITO and his 5-foot-1 bride RHEA PERLMAN are splitting up. There's no word why.  Danny and Rhea got married in 1982. They have three kids, who are all in their 20s.

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