Twin Falls To Reconsider Holiday Liquor Sales Code
The City of Twin Falls issued the following release:
The Twin Falls City Council will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 14 in the City Council Chambers located at 305 Third Avenue East to consider a request to amend the city code regarding restrictions on the sale, service, and consumpt…
Would You Ever Buy Powdered Liquor [POLL]
Like the world needs an easier way to get alcohol into the human body...but here it is. The government has approved powdered liquor. A company has figured out how to make vodka, rum, and some mixed drinks into powder. Then you just add water and enjoy.
4 Super Satisfying Videos Featuring Lots of Breaking Bottles
There's something deeply satisfying about watching a ton of bottles breaking at the same time, especially when they are filled with expensive booze.  Here are some videos of massive disasters, inspired by this week's surveillance camera footage of a crazy lady knocking dozens of bottles onto the flo…