The Candy Cane House
Taking your kids to see Christmas lights is a holiday tradition for most families. One of my families favorite places to go see Christmas lights is the Candy Cane House.
Would Do Take a Blacklight Yoga Class?
Kids seem to love black lights, especially at amusement parks. I'm personally not a fan of black lights because I love to wear black, and black shirts under a black light show dust and lint on your shirt. It's almost gross looking.
Apparently, I am the only one that doesn't care f…
Do Your Neighbors Have Their Christmas Lights Up? [POLL]
Saturday night I went outside to feed the cat and I noticed that all of our neighbors had their Christmas lights up. I was a little surprised but I decided to go with it. As I was putting all of my Christmas decorations out my husband was explaining why it was too early for Christmas stuff.
Getting Pulled Over [POLL]
I totally got pulled over this morning by a very nice police officer. Before you judge...I was not speeding, I just don't know how to use my lights properly.
Light-Up Cereal Boxes and Other Whiz-Bang Product Packaging [VIDEOS]
We found these light-up cereal boxes today that illuminate store shelves. These are just a marketing demo, but there's a good chance this electrical induction technique will be lighting up grocery stores in the near future.
We've got the video, along with a few other mind-blowing examples o…
20% of Adults Believe that Light Sabers Exist
This is a survey out of the U.K., but we get the feeling like it applies pretty well over here too.  The bottom line:  When it comes to technology from movies, a LOT of people have problems separating the science from the fiction.  Check this out:
Almost 50% of adults believe the mind …