Is It Wrong to Bribe Your Kids?
I will be the first to admit that before I had children I swore I wasn't going to bribe them. Then I started potty training and out came the candy. By the time my kids started school I was bribing them, or as I like to call it...rewarding them, with toys.
What Little Thing Makes You Happy?
If you ask me, it truly is about the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. It has to be that way because, if you are anything like me, the big things only come around every 5 years or so.
Your Biggest Fear of Flying
There are a lot of fears and concerns when it comes to flying. Some people won't fly because they fear crashing. My concerns are a little less fearful. I don't worry about crashing as much as I worry about our flights being on time, finding my connecting gate and my luggage being lost.
Shoshone Ice Caves: Still Impressive To An Adult?
If you are from this area you have probably been to the Shoshone Ice Caves. My husband and I remembered going to the cave when we were little and being amazed. So, we thought it would be fun to take our boys to the ice cave this weekend.
The boys definitely had fun but Dave and I quickly realized tha…
Here are the Eight Secrets to Spotting a Liar

Pamela Meyer is an expert on lying.  She's studied people for decades to find the main signs that they're not telling the truth.  And she put together this list from Lifehacker of the eight secrets of spotting someone who might be lying to you.  Check it out . . .
1.  Liars distance themselves from…
Would You Get Botox In Your Armpits?

It's not just your imagination.  The people around you really do smell bad.  In a jarring new survey, 21% of men, or one in five, say they don't ever wear deodorant.  They don't even put on some body spray.  They just ride it out naturally.
The survey also found that 21% of men never use shampoo . . …
The Most Inappropriate Thing to Wear to the Office?
I love summer and one of the reasons I love summer is because I get to wear flip flops every where. Apparently I am not suppose to be wearing flip flops to work, which is a total bummer.
According to a new survey from the staffing firm Adecco on Reuters, the most inappropriate thing to wear to the of…