Ever Wonder What The Front Row Of Cannibal Is Like?
We love it when Mathew Brander Designs and Photography shares his greatness with us.
Recently, Mathew and his wife Summer, from Summer Brander Photography, rode Lagoon's Cannibal. Summer re-acted like every girl I know. And rightfully so...
Is The Cannibal Rollercoaster Scary?
Let's talk roller coasters. The buzz around Twin Falls is the new coaster at Lagoon, "Cannibal". Lagoon has been working on the new coaster for 7 years. It started with a team of engineers, and it ended with a long line of thrill seekers waiting to ride the new coaster.
Three Reasons Why You Should Go to Lagoon in Salt Lake in September
I think my family and I have been to Lagoon almost every year for the last thirteen years.  We usually go in July or August and we have a great time.  I know it's not quite as large as Disney, Universal or one of the other major theme parks but they have some pretty great rides and it's close to hom…

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