16 GIFs That Prove Kids Are Awesome
When it comes to this whole life thing, kids pretty much reign supreme. OK, so they're not really good at being flower girls or staying awake while eating, but who cares! Kiddos know how to be awesome, and we're here to prove that point even further.
What Motivates You? [POLL]
Getting motivated can be a difficult thing, especially if you are trying to make yourself mow the lawn on your only day off. Even the most motivated people I know have struggled with motivation and I constantly find myself trying to motivate my son to do his homework...
Why Kids Need Superheroes
There is a moment in the most recent 'Man of Steel' movie trailer that actually made me feel young. Early in the trailer we see a young Clark Kent playing in the tall grass on a perfect summer evening with his red hero cape on. It seems that even heroes dream of being heroes.
And it made me think of …
Free Things To Do For Spring Break
Spring break is here and if you and your family weren't able to go out of town this year you are not alone. A lot of families stayed home due to work schedules or to save a little money.
Is 3 Years Old Too Young For School? [POLL]
My youngest son is turning 3 this summer which means he may be ready for pre-school. My older son was not ready for school when he was 3 so I am really on the fence about sending my youngest to school. Part of me wonders if pre-school at the age of 3 is even beneficial.
10 Little Darth Vaders Too Cute to Go to the Dark Side
It seems like Darth Vader's turned a positive corner recently. He's become part of the Disney family after all, so maybe the whole hanging out with princesses thing is turning him into a softie. Or maybe he just got a bad rep all these years. Whatever the case, it doesn't seem li…

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