5 Kid Foods That Have Been Linked To Cancer
I realize that we shouldn't believe everything we read on the internet, but when multiply sources are all saying the same thing it's hard to think there isn't some truth to it. I'm specifically talking about 5 foods that are linked to cancer due to petroleum.
Does This Type Of Food Make Your Kids Hyperactive?
As parents, we have all had that night were your kids are running laps around the house and you can barely keep your eyes open. In these moments we will do almost anything to get our kids to go to sleep. According to some mom's your kids might not be going to bed because they have consumed Red …
Should Overweight Kids Get Candy On Halloween? [POLL]
Halloween serves three purposes for a kid: You get to stay up late, dress in a costume, and eat a ton of candy. It is such a simple holiday to kids, yet there are people who want to make it more than that. Should overweight kids get candy on Halloween?
What’s The Worst Thing Your Kids Ever Did?
I have a toddler and a 7 year old, so at this point we have an understanding in my home. They are both old enough to understand the rules. However, I do remember when they first started crawling and "no" was a just a word that mommy and daddy said a lot.
What Is The Worst Idea You Had As A Kid?
There are many reasons that we leave adults in charge of children and we don't let a 5 year old kid be in charge of watching a bunch of younger kids. The main reason - kids make really dumb choices. What is the worst idea you had as a kid?
A Six-Year-Old Girl Hits a Hole-In-One and Refuses to Celebrate
As a parent I was under the impression that we wanted our kids to be excited and to enjoy their accomplishments. According to this story and the fact that it is illegal to spike a football we should teach our kids to remain calm when they do something amazing.
ESPN reported that last week, six-year-…
Applebee’s Served a Child a Margarita
Countdown to massive lawsuit in five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . .
On Friday afternoon, Taylor Dill-Reese of Oak Park, Michigan was with her family having an early dinner at Applebee's.  She ordered an apple juice for her 15-month-old son and the server brought it to him in a sippy cup.
The k…