You Could Win a Huge Gift Basket from Great Harvest Bread!
Congratulations to Debbie, Karen , Rhonda, Sherry, Glenna ,Karlee, Kathleen, Shannon, Shawna, Christina, Amy sue, Brian, Dr. Henry and Dr. Wickern at Asthma and Allergy of Idaho.
They enjoyed a huge basket of  goodies from Great Harvest Bread. You could win too! Click here to get signe…
What’s Something You Want to Like, But Just Can’t?
Do you have anything you really WANT to like, but just can't?  You know . . . something your friends love, so you TRY to like it . . . but you just don't?
According to reddit.com, here are the top eight things people say they just can't get into, even if they're supposed to . . .
1.  The beach
2.  WOOD…
Are You Still Hungry After You Eat?
I'm famous for going out to dinner, getting half of my meal to go, and then eating the leftovers as soon as I get home. Why do I do this? I found 8 reasons from ABC News why we are STILL hungry after we eat!
Did This Police Officer Do The Wrong Thing?
Video Courtesy of YouTube and Magicvalley.com. Warning: This video includes profanity and graphic images. The video is from Filer police officer, Tarek Hassani's dashboard-mounted camera, released Monday by the Filer Police Department.
Last night after 5:00pm a police officer answered a call in …

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