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Get the latest in beauty and fashion products at Rustic Pear Salon’s Grand Opening Fall Fun Fashion Event!
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How Many Little Girls Can Fit in a Nissan Versa Note?
The Nissian Versa Note, that Jackie is test driving from Rob Green Auto Group, gets GREAT gas mileage and is big enough to fit your entire family and then some. To prove how roomie the Versa Note is, Jackie put a BUNCH of cute little girls in the Versa Note...
Three Tricks to Give Yourself More Willpower
If you're like me, you wish you had more willpower and self-control... like when you're eating your sixth donut and binge watching Netflix. So here are three easy tricks from Fast Company to give you and I more willpower.
How Gross is This?
It's grass cutting time! I will be the first person to admit that I don't always have the best ideas. Yesterday I mowed our brand new 24,000 square foot yard. I learned a lot!
#1 You should not mow for 3 hours in flip flops.
#2 Weeds don't mow the same way grass does...
Is a Truck a Good Vehicle For a Mom To Own?
I never thought I would want a truck because as a mother. I assumed that a truck would not offer the interior space for my kids and the cargo space I need for my numerous trips to the grocery store. I was wrong!
What Annoys You Most on Facebook?
Are you tired of Facebook, or just annoyed by certain Facebook trends? Trends like: Throwback Thursday, games, Flipagram, your feed not updating, people sharing too much information etc.

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