Skipping Breakfast Will Kill You
According to Forbes, skipping breakfast will kill you.  A new study out of Harvard found that people who regularly skip breakfast have a 27% higher risk of a HEART ATTACK.
Falling TVs Could Kill Your Kids
As a parent it is our job to protect our kids. That is why we lather our kids with sunscreen, put them in harnesses when we drive and tell them not to play in the street. All of these things are normal things to tell your children. According to a new report from ABC News  you will need to warn …
Are You Brave Enough To Boo Someone at a Comedy Club
I love comedy clubs but I am always very careful not to say anything to loud while the comedian does their act. I don't want to be called out at a comedy club and I defiantly don't want to offend the comedian. Being a comic seems like it could be very difficult...
What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?
July is National Ice Cream Month!  According to Baskin-Robbins and PR Newswire a whole bunch of people took personality tests, and matched up the results to people's favorite ice cream flavors.
1.  Vanilla.  People associate vanilla ice cream with boring people, but the study found the OPPOSITE.  If…
Twin Falls Area Schools Announce the First Day of School
Summer is flying by! Retail stores are gearing up for back to school and parents are counting the weeks left in the summer. Some schools in the Twin Falls area start later than others. Make sure to double check your schools date.

Twin Falls school District Starts on Tuesday, September 3rd.Click here …
Waiting For Someone’s Parking Spot
If you grocery shop like I do, you shop the day after pay day. This seems like it would be a great plan until you get to the store and realize that everyone else had the same plan. You end up spending 20 minutes in the parking lot because you can't find find an empty spot or you can stalk someo…
Would You Pick Up a Hitchhiker? [POLL]
Helping others is something we all strive to do, but if helping someone put ourselves in danger we usually aren't very helpful. I was taught from a very young age that it is unsafe to let strangers into your car for any reason. That being said good things can happen from picking up a stranger o…
How To Stay Organized at the End of The School Year
The end of school is extremely busy not only for your kids but for parents. I can barely read my calendar and my husbands to the point of calling me every morning to ask me where he needs to be that night. We are seriously running around like chickens with our heads cut off.
If Your Spouse Falls Asleep On The Couch Do You Wake Them?
Life is busy and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It isn't odd for my husband to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. I can't blame him, he works hard and after eating dinner and playing with the kids it can be hard to stay awake until 10:00.

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