Warning: The New iPhone Might Make Your Cell Phone Bill Go Up
Today's the day Apple finally announces the new iPhone . . . so we can all finally breathe again, and for a moment all will be right with the world.
There really shouldn't be that may surprises.  There's been enough reasonably credible information leaked that we all pretty much know that Apple will l…
Apple Announces September 9 Event For…Something
Invitations have been issued to members of the media proclaiming Sept. 9th as the date for a big new announcement from Apple.
According to CNN, the event will take place right in Apple's backyard at the 2,400-seat Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California...
Would You Rather Be Without Your Phone or Air Conditioning?
Brad and I are in a bad way! Poor Brad's air conditioning in his home broke this week and my iPhone had a rare programing glitch and died. So, Brad was without air conditioning for 3 days and I had no phone for 3 days. Brad couldn't sleep and I had no idea where I needed to because my ENTI…
[Weekend Rewind]
High Winds wreaked havoc on Southern Idaho this week, intense footage of an accident on the Hansen Bridge, and Mr. Rogers gets auto-tuned. Here's what I was talking about last week.

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