Terry’s Top 10 iPhone Apps
Apple's iPhone is a great smartphone, but it's the apps that make it truly amazing. It's true that you can find an app to make your iPhone do just about anything. So if you're playing with a shiny new iPhone, or an experienced user looking for something new, here are Terry's…
Summer Heat Has Arrived – Link Roundup
Sunny skies and a high of 95. Sure sounds nice... until you're stuck in it with no air conditioning. We could see highs break into the triple digits in the Magic Valley this week. Here's a roundup of all of our summer heat articles including 5 hot weather tips that could save your life.
The iPhone Turns 5
Five years ago today Steve Jobs and Apple released a device called an 'iPhone' and it truly changed everything--Us included.
10 Best iPhone Games
If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.
Want an iPhone 4S For $30 a Month?
Virgin Mobile just announced what could be the best deal on an iPhone and service, period. Starting June 29th, you can get an iPhone 4S on the Virgin Mobile network for $30 a month and that includes unlimited text and data. There's no contracts either. This is pre-paid goodness.
Do You Still Use An Alarm Clock? [Poll]
I was reading a story on Lifehacker today about how to amplify your smartphone by using a drinking glass. The author wrote that this is a great trick for those using their smartphones as alarms.
That made me wonder: Do people still use dedicated alarm clocks, or is this something else that's gon…
Information Overload – Do You Miss The Good Old Days?
I live for technology. No matter where I am or what I'm doing I always have my iPhone, a laptop, and an always-on internet connection. From the moment I wake up to the last minute before I go to sleep at night, I'm connected in some way to the internet.
I think, more often than not, you are…
Stay Aware Even With Headphones On
I love music. All kinds in fact. It was one of the main reasons I got into radio in the first place.
It was also radio that lead me to discover how much I enjoy listening to music through headphones. There's something about experiencing a song's full sonic palette mixed with the privacy headphones of…
Jack VS The Giant Boulder
How would you like to drop a giant Indiana Jones style boulder on your friends, or launch a rocket straight into their grill? With the app "Action Movie" by Bad Robot Interactive, you can!
Want To Make An App For The Apple App Store?
If this means anything to you:
NSArray *array =
initWithObjects:@"One", @"Two", @"Three", nil];
NSString *overview =
initWithFormat:@"%@", @"First three numbers"];
You're probably an Apple Developer looking at the code for 'Angry Birds'. If that looks l…

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