Apple VS Samsung: The Verdict
Apple and Samsung have been fighting in various courts for the better part of a year now screaming at each other about who copied who. Samsung has won a few battles along the way, but today Apple won the war.
Facebook Finally Updates Its App for iPhone and iPad
I vehemently disliked the old Facebook app for iPhone and iPad. It was slow, moody, and there was no such thing as "instant notification." Using the Facebook app on my iPhone was always an exercise in frustration.
Apparently Facebook has heard our screams of anguish. Today they rele…
What Would You Pay For 150 Apps?
I generally have no problem paying $0.99 for an app on my iPhone. When I hit $5.99... or $6.99... or even $9.99... then I start to have reservations. But today I stumbled onto an app that has 150 apps built into it! 150!
‘Pitfall!’ Celebrates 30th Anniversary
My first video game system arrived on Christmas Day, 1982: the Atari 2600. It was boxy, angular, had strange switches on it, and swaths of faux wood paneling. And it was brilliant.
I wasted so much of my youth playing bare-bones, pixelated games like 'Asteroids,' 'The Empire Strikes Back,' 'Combat,' …
iPhone Pro Tip: The Usage Menu is a Powerful Tool
I consider myself a knowledgeable iOS user. I can fix almost any problem that my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch throws my way, but over the weekend I learned how to utilize a powerful tool built in to the operating system that I didn't even know existed.
It's called Usage and it's amazing…

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