One Flown to Utah Hospital after Buhl Fire
When the Buhl Fire Department arrived on the scene at 4263 N 1400 E, there were multiple out buildings and camper trailers on fire. An outbuilding is classified as any free standing building such as a shop, storage shed, wooden building that is not a home.
BASE Jumper Suffers Broken Leg after Jumping off Twin Falls Bridge
A BASE jumper injured his leg when jumping off Perrine Bridge Thursday. The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office resounded to the call a little after noon. The man jumping was from Florida and packed his own chute, but Deputy Sheriff Stacy Gorrell does not know how many prior jumps he has done.
Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle [Updated]
Last week I somehow managed to tear the muscles in my left leg as I was getting my son's bags out of the car. While leaning over the seat I felt--and heard--three distinct pops, and then wept like a small girl. I was told in the emergency room that I should follow up with an orthopedist in abou…
Pop Goes Terry’s Calf Muscle
Last week I leaned over to pick up one of my son's toys off the floor and I felt something "pop" in my calf muscle that was immediately followed by the sensation of water running down my leg, and then searing, blinding pain.
Assuming that I had just pulled a muscle, I did my best to hobble …