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The Big Idaho Potato Truck Will Help Local Charities
The Big Idaho Potato Truck is getting ready to visit cities across Idaho. The Big Potato truck is planning to start it's four month journey on April 15th! Throughout the truck's journey it will stop and identify charities, in many of the markets it visits, and offer help based on the organ…
Giant Potato Rolls Through Walmart In Twin Falls [Audio]
Yesterday, we told you that the Idaho Potato Commission's giant potato was coming to Twin Falls.
Today, it showed up in a BIG way.
The potato was built by the Potato Commission to celebrate 75 years of promoting Idaho Potatoes and to draw some attention to the Meals on Wheels program...
Giant Potato Lumbering Toward Twin Falls!
We've just recieved news of a giant, monster potato heading toward Twin Falls. The potato is reportedly headed down Poleline Road, and looks to be targeting Wal-Mart! EVERYBODY PANIC!
Or get some sour cream and butter.