Five Things to Know About Superstorm Sandy
CNN reported that Hurricane Sandy was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone at 7:00 P.M. Eastern last night, but it hit the East Coast with driving rain and hurricane-force winds all over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  Here are Five Things to Know About Superstorm Sandy:
Trace Adkins is in New York City Waiting Out Hurricane Sandy
According to WhoSay TRACE ADKINS is one of the millions stuck in New York City waiting out Hurricane Sandy.  He's in town taping "The Celebrity Apprentice", but production had to shut down for obvious reasons.
Trace's hotel is a couple of blocks from that busted …
Here are the Four Things You Need to Know About Hurricane Irene

1. After all the hype, Hurricane Irene wasn't quite as devastating as the media had us expecting.  There was flooding and at least $3 billion in damage . . . but this wasn't exactly "Katrina meets Manhattan."
2. So far, 21 deaths have been reported up and down the East Coast.  Many have bee…