Men Are Doing More Housework and Women Are Doing Less.
Before you call me an all out liar, follow me on this one.  In 1965, women averaged about 28 hours of housework per week, and men only averaged four.  Today, the average woman does 15, and the average guy does nine.
So we're not saying that men do more housework than women...
Do Men Like Doing Housework? [POLL]
Some men claim that they do all the household cleaning. A survey by Business Standard researchers at Cambridge University found that the key to a happy relationship . . . is MEN doing more HOUSEWORK.
Women Are Most Relaxed When Their Husbands Help With Housework

What?? I don't know about you, but I get a little more stressed when my husband starts helping out with household chores. Apparently I am the only one who feels this way because USA Today says that in a recent study done by the team at UCLA women's stress levels are lowest when they team up with th…
Couples Should Split the Chores 50/50

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If you think splitting the chores with your spouse 50-50 is going to make the resentment and inequality in your relationship magically disappear . . . NOPE.
According to a new book called "Spousonomics", couples who divide chores right down the middle e…