My Pinterest “Nailed It” Project
We all love Pinterest! Most of us re-pin things for a month, and then get brave enough to actually do one of the projects we re-pinned. I recently made my kids "Loom-azing" Valentines cards, they are more like "lame-azing".
If you are anything like me your pins never turn out like…
Are Homemade Valentines a Bad Idea? [POLL]
I love helping my son with his Valentines every year. In the past I have taken my son to the store a few days before Valentines to pick out the traditional card and candy in a bag. This year I got the brilliant idea to put Pinterst to good use and actually make something. This was a bad idea!
Make Your Own Dog Food And Save Money
I love my dogs almost as much as I love my kids. I have a four year old Boston Terrier named Pig, and a twelve year old Dalmatian cross named Connor that live like kings at my house. We don't feed the boys table scraps, well, not very often, so we try to ensure they have good wet and dry dog dog foo…