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Phantom of the Soap Opera
Filer High School Drama department is putting on the musical production "Phantom of the Soap Opera" April 17th,18th and 19th at the Filer Middle School Auditorium.
The cost is $4/adult, $3/student, $2/child under the age of twelve or fifteen dollars for a family pass...
11 Hilariously Creative Homework Responses
Back-to-school season is well underway, which also means homework is once again a reality. Ugh, major bummer. But when you're a youngster, homework isn't all that bad! That's because kids make it way less boring by being straight up and honest (read: hilarious).
Should Coaches Be Able To Run Kids Until They Vomit? [POLL]
Volleyball and Football tryouts are in full swing in The Magic Valley. As a kid I remember running until I vomited in tryouts. Most kids will do anything to make the team. Sports and school are the most important thing in a teenagers life and if they don't make the team it ruins their whole sch…
33 High School Students Were Suspended For Twerking
"Twerking" is the latest dance craze. And by that we mean Miley Cyrus is quite fond of posting videos of herself doing it.
But the administration at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego are not fond of Twerking. In fact they just suspended 33 students for their own video of the dance, whi…

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