Your Cell Phone is Making You Ugly
Yahoo has given us a list of ways your phone might be making you ugly.   In my case, it must be working.
1. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes. Screens emit radiation that causes headaches and keeps you awake. No sleep can create dark circles under your eyes...
Life Is About Perspective
I had a rough day. I was feeling pretty lousy until I visited my doctor this afternoon, and she gave me a healthy, albeit accidental, dose of perspective.
Your Zodiac Sign Determines How Much You Exercise
According to this rolling ball of a turd study, your Zodiac sign determines how much you exercise.  According to a new survey, people who are Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius are the most fit and Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are the least fit.
How do you stack up?
Would It Bother You If Your Neighbors Had Chickens?
It is hard to save money while eating healthy. Organic products are more expensive, fruits and vegetables can be expensive too. My family always plants a garden to try and save money during the summer on fruits and vegetables, some people are even growing their own beef and raising their own chicken…
The Facts of Diet and Weight Loss
The warmer it gets the more I think about doing something in order to fit into my summer shorts. It also makes me wonder what information that is given about weight loss is true and what information isn't true. I found some facts that may help you from
1. To lose a pound, you mu…
Homemade Sushi For Dinner
Women are always trying to come up with new recipes that their husband will enjoy. We all have those few meals that we can make for our husbands that will make them really tackle their "honey do" lists. So, me being the loving wife I am, decided to make sushi for my husband because…
Tips to Prevent the Flu
A lot of families are dealing with the flu this year. As soon as one child gets over this nasty virus the other child comes down with it. I have heard everything from kids missing an entire week of school to adults breaking out in rashes.
According to the Unites States is in the middle of on…
Brace Yourself, the Flu Season Memes Are Here
It's that time of year, when you give everybody who coughs on the train a dirty look and tie your hands to your waist with elastic to keep from accidentally touching your face until you've had a chance to wash them under soap and water for at least three minutes. That's righ…

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