Amazing Golf Shot That Will Make You Wince in Disbelief
The appeal of golf has always escaped me.  It's not that I don't have a great amount of respect for those who play the game... I do... It's just really, really hard for me to enjoy as a spectator.
But every now and then, something happens that I can get into...
Golfer Hits an Unbelievable One-Handed Shot from a Tree
Even if you don't like golf, you gotta check this out.  From the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, a golfer named Sergio Garcia got his ball stuck in a tree.
He passed on the penalty stroke and instead, he climbed the tree and hit a one-handed shot back on to the fairway...
7th Annual Golf Scramble
Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
"Fly Like a Duck, Run Like a Deer".
September 24th , 2011
Shotgun Start at 9am - 4 Person Ream
Clear Lakes Country Club, Buhl
A Six-Year-Old Girl Hits a Hole-In-One and Refuses to Celebrate
As a parent I was under the impression that we wanted our kids to be excited and to enjoy their accomplishments. According to this story and the fact that it is illegal to spike a football we should teach our kids to remain calm when they do something amazing.
ESPN reported that last week, six-year-…
Golfer’s Victory Celebration Ends With Broken Shin [VIDEO]
After French golf pro Thomas Levet won the French Open, the 42-year old decided it was time for some dramatic celebrating.
So with the cameras flashing, and some sort of chanting going on in the background, Levet and his agent, Patrice Bartez, jumped into the water hazard at the 18th hole.

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