Car That Needs A Refill Once Per Century
Tired of high gas prices?  How about a car that only needs a refuel once every... century?  David Russell Schilling reported on this thorium-powered concept car that could, in theory, revolutionize automobiles.
It's said that just one gram of the substance yields more energy than 7,396…
Premium Gas Only? [POLL]
I just bought a new car and on the gas lid it says, "Premium Gas Only". We all know Premium gas in more money so I am wondering what happens if I don't use premium gas. Is this a suggestion or a requirement?
Win Free Gas, Free Movies, or Both
We have a lot of new contests coming as we head into 2012.  Here are just two of the contests you could win right now in our EZ VIP Club.
Free Gas:  Enter to win a $50 gas card.
Free Movies:  Enter to win $50 in Cinema Cash at Twin or Jerome Cinema...
Eritera Is World’s Most Expensive Place to Buy Gas
Gas prices are utterly crazy!
Last week, the average cost of gasoline in the United States was $3.84. In places like Los Angeles, the price has jumped to $4.23 a gallon. These increases are correlated to conflicts in Middle Eastern oil-producing nations.
Texans getting Gas in Mexico for $2.80 a Gallon
Would you risk being kidnapped by a drug lord to save a few bucks on gas?  Tons of people in southern Texas say . . . ABSOLUTELY.
According to reports, people in south Texas have been driving across the Mexican border into dangerous border towns because the gas there is around $2.80 a gallon.
High Gas Prices Could Save Lives
And now, it's time for us to do the requisite story about how high gas prices aren't 100% bad news.  So remember what we're about to say when you're paying $5.50 a gallon in July.
High gas prices save lives.  For every $1 rise in gas prices, approximately 11,000 American…
A Women Stockpiles Gas Before the Price Went Up
This is one of those stories where everyone in the world could've seen it coming . . . except the idiot involved.
 The woman's name hasn't been released, but she lives in Gobles, Michigan.  And lately, she's been extremely worried about the rising price of gas.
Five Sneaky Ways to Save Money on Gas
Gas has gone up more than 40 cents in the last month, and according to Triple-A, the national average now sits at $3.54 a gallon.
You probably know that having enough air in your tires is important, because it can improve your gas mileage by about 3%.  But here are five more sneaky ways to save money…

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