How Many Calories Does Shivering Burn?
So - the groundhog saw his shadow and we are in for another 6 weeks of winter. But rather than be sad about the cold, you should be happy because all that shivering you will do could help you lose weight! How many calories does shivering burn?
How Cold Is It Really In America?
We have been pretty lucky so far this winter - since we don't live in the North East and haven't had to deal with a Polar Vortex! We haven't had sub-zero temperatures or even very many days of frosted windows. So how cold is it really in America?
Are The Cold Temperatures In The Twin Falls Area BenifitingYou?
We have all been talking about the extreme low temperatures we are seeing in the Twin Falls area lately. Most of the talk I have heard has been negative, but today the cold temperatures came in really handy. I have recently ran out of room in all areas of my home including my freezer. With temperatu…