Do You Know How Much You Spend on Snacks?
If you work an 8 hour shift it is not unusual to stop by the gas station for a soda and snack or go out to lunch with com-workers during the day. Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you are spending just in food and snacks during the work week?
11 Awesome Examples of Fruit Art
Anything goes when it comes to art, particularly on the internet. Feel like constructing an ode to Grumpy Cat? Knock yourself out. What about a collection of Disney/Star Wars mashups? That, my friends, is also possible.
Chicken In a Biskit vs Ritz? [POLL]
We are having a great cracker debate in our household. While I always buy Ritz crackers and Chicken In a Biskit crackers someone in our household is always complaining when we run out of one of them.
10 Hilarious Cake Messages
One of the best parts of any sort of celebration is the cake. Just ask these babies --they know what we're talking about. Cake is particularly awesome when it's decorated all fancy-shmancy, because it adds an extra oomph to any event.
Meatless Mondays [POLL]
I will be the first to admit that I don't always eat the healthiest. I love candy for breakfast and chips and salsa for dinner. Neither of these meals give me any of the nutritious my body needs. Because of this I am consonantly trying to find new ways to implement healthy choices into my famil…
What Is The Best Super Bowl Food? [POLL]
The big game is this weekend. Do you have anything planned? More importantly what are you going to make? I would really like to make something other than chips and salsa. I wish that I could make stadium food. According to The Post Game providing the food at the New Orleans Superdome for this Sunday…
Is Dessert Better in the Morning or in the Evening? [POLL]
My sweet husband did a lot of the cooking this weekend and yesterday I woke up to my three boys (husband included) eating cheesecake for breakfast. As most mother's would I asked, "Cheesecake for breakfast, really?" All together...they looked at me and replied, "Ya mo…
Plate of Pasta At New York Restaurant Costs $2,013
Pasta is typically one of the cheaper entrees at a restaurant. In fact you can often get an endless bowl of it for ten bucks at your local Olive Garden.
But a "plate" of pasta on the menu at Bice, an eatery in Midtown Manhattan, is anything but inexpensive. The dish, featuring homemade tagl…
Free Chick-fil-A at Grand Opening January 10 in Twin Falls
By now, you've noticed that the construction of the Twin Falls Chick-fil-A is all but done.
Chick-fil-A will open its first restaurant of 2013 in Twin Falls, on Jan. 10 at 1631 Blue Lakes Blvd., N.
At the opening, franchised operator Bill Ystueta will award a free, one-year supply of Chick-fil-A …

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