Lay’s Potato Chips Newest Flavors
If you tasted Lay's Chicken and Waffle potato chips last year, you probably haven't forgotten them. Yuck! Well, they are doing it again! Lays has introduced new experimental flavors this year... and these are WAY weirder.
New BBQ in Twin Falls
The old Zulu's building on Addison has been taken over by a new Cafe called, "The Pit". The cafe opened at the end of April and has since been serving coffee, fresh doughnuts and home-made barbecue sandwiches.
The Alphabet Sandwich – A Topping for Every Letter
A guy named Nick Chipman from the website just put together the "Alphabet Burger."  It's a hamburger with 26 toppings, one for every letter of the alphabet.  Here's what he went with . . .
Avocado, bacon, cheese, Doritos, egg, fish sticks,…
What’s Something You Want to Like, But Just Can’t?
Do you have anything you really WANT to like, but just can't?  You know . . . something your friends love, so you TRY to like it . . . but you just don't?
According to, here are the top eight things people say they just can't get into, even if they're supposed to . . .
1.  The beach
2.  WOOD…
Are You Still Hungry After You Eat?
I'm famous for going out to dinner, getting half of my meal to go, and then eating the leftovers as soon as I get home. Why do I do this? I found 8 reasons from ABC News why we are STILL hungry after we eat!
How Much Halloween Candy Have You Eaten?
Lets be honest...every year I tell my self I will not plow through a bag of Halloween candy. And every year at this time I am buying a second bag of candy because I ate the first one. The only way I have been successful in not eating a bag of candy is if I buy candy that I don't like.

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