Top 6 Things Found By The TSA Last Year
Everybody seems to hate the TSA. And I mean everybody! I bet that when a TSA worker goes through the line before they fly - they hate the TSA. But, for all the hate they get, they do keep a ton of crazy stuff off the planes.
Have You Ever Freaked Out at an Airport? [POLL]
TLC is launching a new show called, "On The Fly". The show highlights all the things that go wrong at airports. I am actually afraid I am going to be on this show because I freaked out one time in the LAX because my flight was delayed for 36 hours.
A Flight Attendant Put a Toddler In The Overhead Bin
Natalie Williamson claims she, her 17-month-old son, Riley, and her now estranged husband were on a Virgin flight from Fiji to Sydney, when the flight attendant picked up Riley, placed him in the overhead locker and closed the latch.
Virgin has admitted an incident did take place, but claims Ms Willi…
The Most Germ-Infested Parts of an Airplane
Here's some spring travel advice from the people at "USA Today":  Next time you're on an airplane, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING.  Or it will kill you.
They put together this list of the most germ-infested parts of an airplane . . . you know, just to make your air tr…