Dads Do Over $24,000 Worth Of Home Repairs Each Year
Sunday was Father's Day and for the most part it is easy to find something about your dad to appreciate. But if you found it hard, maybe this will help you appreciate him more next year. Dads do over $24,000 worth of home repairs each year.
How Many Unfinished Do-It-Yourself Projects Do You Have?
Did you get all your do-it-yourself projects done this weekend? If you didn't, don't feel bad. You're not the only person whose attic is 45% insulated, and whose toilet sometimes runs for 17 hours straight.  According to a new survey from, TWO-THIRDS of people say they hav…
Women Have No Faith In Their Husband’s Home Repair Abilities
No offense, but your wife has no faith in your ability to make even the most basic home repairs.  That doesn't make you less of a man though.  We promise.
 According to a new survey, 61% of women, or three out of five, say they have NO FAITH in their husband's do-it-yourself …