Father's Day

The Top 11 Father’s Day Gifts
Father's Day is THIS weekend! If you are like most wives--me included--you don't have a clue what to get your husband, or your dad for Fathers Day.
What Does Dad Really Want for Father’s Day?
You always hear how the best gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day is just spending time with them.  Dad pretty much wants to spend time with you on Father's Day but he might like a gift card too.
Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day?
It's no surprise that moms and dads work their tails off trying to provide for a family and run a household. That being said, I think Mothers Day and Fathers Day are important holidays. It seems like over the years we have made a big deal out of Mothers Day. There are Mothers Day brunches, lunc…
What Dads REALLY Want For Father’s Day
If you're a dad, chances are you're getting some ties, socks and, if you're lucky, a sweet "No. 1 Dad" mug this Sunday. But what do you REALLY want? According to dads on the Internet, the wish list is pretty simple.
According to dads on Reddit, here's what they really want this Father's Day…
Do Guys Spend More Money Than Women? [POLL]
Fathers Day is coming up and like most years, everything my husband wants is WAY out of my price range. He never seems to want anything that is in my price range. Guys in general have very few things on their wish list that isn't thousands of dollars...women on the other hand, would be complete…
5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts Dad May Actually Want
Father's Day is tomorrow. If you read that line and you're shocked, that's bad news. Still, there's time to get out and pick up something cool that might really make the big guy happy. We've pulled together five gifts ideas that you can round up in a hurry and dad will actua…

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