Dads Do Over $24,000 Worth Of Home Repairs Each Year
Sunday was Father's Day and for the most part it is easy to find something about your dad to appreciate. But if you found it hard, maybe this will help you appreciate him more next year. Dads do over $24,000 worth of home repairs each year.
What Dads Want For Father’s Day
Father's Day is right around the corner. If you don't have anything planned or any gift purchased - you are in luck. Dads are really easy to please. Here is what dads want for Father's Day.
Father Jumps Out Of Speeding Car To Save Daughter [Video]
This dramatic video of a father jumping out of a speeding car to save his daughter started making rounds yesterday. I first spotted it on Gizmodo. Apparently the little girl somehow managed to get into the front seat of the vehicle, unlock the door, and jump out into traffic. Her father somehow mana…