Should Overweight Kids Get Candy On Halloween? [POLL]
Halloween serves three purposes for a kid: You get to stay up late, dress in a costume, and eat a ton of candy. It is such a simple holiday to kids, yet there are people who want to make it more than that. Should overweight kids get candy on Halloween?
Women Gain More Weight Than Men In The First Year Of Marriage
The thing I love about the internet and the endless information is that you can basically find a study to prove yourself right on any subject. Though the person you are arguing with can also do the same thing. Last week I wrote that married men gain more weight than women, now I am writing that wome…
Good News For The USA
Today should be national cheeseburger day because it's time to celebrate. The United States in no longer the fattest country in the world. According to a new report from the United Nations, 32.8 percent of Mexican adults are considered obese, compared to 31.8 percent of adults in the United Sta…
Would You Rather Be Rich and Chubby . . . Or Poor and Skinny?
You know the saying, "You can never be too rich or too thin"?  Well . . . very, very few of us have a shot at both of those.
A new survey from PR Newswire asked women to choose:  If you could be rich but not thin, or poor but skinny, which one would you pick?
Four Clever Ways Food Companies Are Making You Fat
You probably heard that Hostess . . . the maker of Twinkies and Ding Dongs . . . filed for bankruptcy last week. It's partly because Americans are trying to eat healthier and avoid things that are bad for them. But avoiding all of those things can be tough.
‘American Idol’ Audience Member Too Fat to Sit in Front Row?
If you thought the judges on 'American Idol' were harsh, wait until you hear what production staffers allegedly did to an audience member on Thursday.
According to an exclusive report from Radar Online, 19-year-old fan Ashley Kauffman was booted from the front row because staffers told her she was &q…