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Students Send First Burger Into Space
Thanks to a group of Harvard students, a fast food burger has boldly gone where no burger has gone before -- into the edge of space. Hey, it's better than eating it. Those things'll kill ya.
Canadian KFC Serves Up Raw Chicken Burger
When you remove a fast food burger from its wrapper and bite down, you are taking it on faith that there isn't something really disgusting between the buns.
Last week a KFC diner in the Toronto-area paid for this faith. As you can see, he took a big bite of his chicken burger only to find that s…
The Average Person Eats Take-Out 2,875 Times in Their Lifetime
I love swinging by a restaurant and grabbing food to eat at home. Apparently I'm not alone.
A new survey from Press Association out of England found that the average person eats take-out around 2,875 times in their life.  Based on the 62 years you're an adult between and 18 and 80, tha…
The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Kids Meals at Fast-Food Restaurants

Last week, McDonald's announced that starting in September, they're making Happy Meals healthier by adding apples and serving half as many French fries.
According to the website, the healthiest option is to nix the fries completely and go with chicken nuggets, apples and apple juice…

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